How To Install

To install our wall stickers it's as easy as peeling them off the sheet and sticking them on the wall. Just give the wall a quick wipe down first - I recommend using sugar soap, especially if the paint job was done quite a while ago. Then you can start sticking!


How to install decals with transfer paper

Lay your wall decal onto a hard flat surface with the translucent transfer sheet facing up. Pressing firmly use a credit card or similar to scrape across the decal surface. This will ensure that your wall decal is completely fixed to the transfer sheet. Then, repeat this process, but turn the decal face down so you are now pressing and scraping the squeegee across the white backing paper.

Carefully peel back the white sheet so that the wall decal is left on the translucent transfer sheet and the sticky side is facing out. If parts of the wall decal remain on the white sheet push the sheet back onto the transfer sheet to rub the area for a few seconds to adhere it to the transfer sheet.

Gently place the transfer sheet with your wall decal onto a smooth clean surface in the position desired. Once you have it in the exact position you would like lightly smooth your hand across the surface to lightly adhere the decal. Now, pressing firmly, use the credit card to rub across the surface of the transfer paper from the centre out to ensure removal of any air bubbles.

After a few minutes of rubbing the material, carefully remove the transfer sheet by pulling the sheet away holding it close to the wall. If any part of the wall decal sticks on the sheet push the sheet back onto the wall and rub the area for a few seconds.

Important Information

As for all wall stickers there are some things you should take note of before you buy.

  1. If you have recently painted the wall you wish to decorate, it is recommended you wait 4 to 6 weeks to allow the paint to cure. The reason for this is the paint, even after drying, will continue to evaporate and will react with the sticker’s adhesive. This can cause the sticker to fall off, or possibly damage your paint.
  2. Please view our decal measurements carefully, and then use a measuring tape to see how big the decal would be against the wall you wish to decorate. Although we endeavour to provide accurate images, this will ensure the decal suits your intended location.  
  3. Finally, please note that computer monitors differ in their colour settings, and so there may be a slight colour variance to the actual product.

    We are an Australian seller and our stock is stored on site, providing you with a fast and effective service.